How does Quantum Computer view Classical World?

An very intersting quetion from Dave Bacon’s Blog:

If you were a quantum computer, would the mystery you be working on not be the mystery of quantum theory but the mystery of the classical world?

Dave Bacon

So how can we think this question? First I think as a quantum computer,it is easy to simulate the classical one. Because at some term,classical physics is the approximation of the quantum world. Or we can say quantum world includes the classical one.

But the question is not as simple as 3-1=2. For example, considered the flat world,or 2D world, the quantum theory is different for 3D or higher world. In flat world, the fraction statistics appears. The spin of electron becomes fractions, not the multiple of 1/2. So we can imagine that when quantum computer want to know the classcial world, it will face the simmilar problems. Suppose we live in a absolutely quantum world, and we know nothing about classical world, even the concept such as trajectory. To construct these concepts will costs us a lot of efforts. In fact, the concept created by quantum computer to discribe the classical world must be the spread of quantum world concept. So the answer to the question is YES.

It will benefit me from viewing the problems in the inverse way and in many different direction. I must to learn from the Dave Bacon’s way of thinking physics.