Ultimate Theory

The Guardian, a newspaper from UK, published a long report about string theory and theorists in 20th this month. I looked through this review, found it interesting and very good. In fact, to explain string theory to ordinary people in limited article of newspaper is nearly incredible thing. But this review did, besides, it did precisely in theory itself. String theory was called the theory of everything and the only theory that united the quantum mechanics and relativity in this report.

There are many critics on string theory as well. Philip W. Anderson, Physicist and Nobel laureate, when asked by Edge that:”WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS TRUE EVEN THOUGH YOU CANNOT PROVE IT?” He refered to string theory:

It is an interesting mathematical specialty and has produced and will produce mathematics useful in other contexts, but it seems no more vital as mathematics than other areas of very abstract or specialized math, and doesn’t on that basis justify the incredible amount of effort expended on it.

Is string theory the ultimate theory, or just the mathematical game? I don’t know. To reply the question of other physicists, the string theorists need experiment to support their theory. Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may be the hope of these experiments. It is said that the first experiment to test the string theory will peform this year. Let us to focus on the experiment and pay attension to the growth of string theory. 2005 may be the important year of string theory.