Gross’s quesions

Recently, David J. Gross gave a lecture The Future of Physics in ITP, Beijing. Today I downloaded the video file of his lecture. I watched the lecture and found Gross asked many interesting Questions. In this lecture Gross talked about the future of physics in 25 years and discussed many open questions, such as the beginning of universe, the formation of the stars, dark energy existence, and so on. Here I list some questions I think most interesting.

  • Will Quantum Computer be quiet or deaf?
  • Can the theory of evolution be quantitative and predictive?
  • Can we tell the shape of an organism by looking at genome?
  • Will computers replace analytic technology? If we will change the way we train physicist?
  • When will the computers become creative physicist? How do we train them?

btw: I happily found that I can understand the lecture for 90%.

update: I found the official website that offers this lecture’s video.