The Future of Computation

A very interesting lecture(quant-ph/0503068) was posted to the arxiv recently. The abstract of it says:

“The purpose of life is to obtain knowledge, use it to live with as much satisfaction as possible, and pass it on with improvements and modifications to the next generation.’’ This may sound philosophical, and the interpretation of words may be subjective, yet it is fairly clear that this is what all living organisms–from bacteria to human beings–do in their life time. Indeed, this can be adopted as the information theoretic definition of life. Over billions of years, biological evolution has experimented with a wide range of physical systems for acquiring, processing and communicating information. We are now in a position to make the principles behind these systems mathematically precise, and then extend them as far as laws of physics permit. Therein lies the future of computation, of ourselves, and of life.

In this article,Life is viewed as natural computer. During bilions of years evolution, life gets the best way to recieve and operate data from environment. The author illustrate the several basic processed during computation. In future, the computer will use less resources to get more tolerance against the errors and faster operation.

In my opinion, the most valuable part of this article is the very clear explaination of quantum compution in the mixed context of computation science and physics. The article talked all type of computation, including quantum computation. After reading it, I catch the links between computer science and physics.