Preparing Presentation

I am preparing presentation for ICQO these days. As my computer system is Linux, I decide to use LaTeX other than PPT. With the support of packages, LaTeX can be a very powerful tool to prepare representation files. After searching, I found two packages which may be suitable: Prosper and pdfwin. I tried both of them. The snapshots are shown bellow

Snapshots of Prosper

Snapshots of pdfwin

In my opinion, Prosper is cleaner than pdfwin. Pdfwin is more powerful in user interface. Both of them can directly use the content of usual tex files. So for LaTeX users, using them to prepare slide is more easily than using PPT. As I care interface more, I decided to use pdfwin to prepare my representation. After attending ICQO, I will post my representation on the blog.

In writting this entry, I found an online book “Screen Presentation Tools“. It lists dosens of tools to prepare presentation. I think it may be useful for me.



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