We are little late

I am sad today for I notice that someone else have done similar work which we are doing now. In this competition, we are little late. Though the two works are not the same, our work is more general, this finding makes me feel that the value of our work decreased.

Why I am so desjected? Because this work is my favorite. When the new idea appeared in my brain, I was so excited and felt that I was the first one to get this idea. But now I found I was wrong. This work is not excellent, but it is my first creation. So someone else having done a similar work is a big beat to me, espacially after I finding that their articles were published in the last year and this year.

Next time when I got a new idea, I should go to check if anyone else have done it before. I must admit that if I can get a idea, many other people can, too.



  1. That is too bad. But at least it was a good idea…because they got it published in a journal. So you should be happy that you had a good idea. It means that many more good ideas will come to you. And this means that eventually one of those ideas will really be new. And that is very exciting and worth all the hard work!

  2. Yes, maybe is good for me. At least I known that I can get good ideas and I devoted more attention on reading papers in order to aviod the same thing. After writing this entry, I and my boss got another good idea and I guess it should be a new one this time. I have searched similar works through SCI and found nothing.