Poster Presentation

Thanks for my boss’s support, I have a chance to give a poster presentation on International Conference on Quantum Optics, Hong Kong. The name of it is “Simple Schemes of CQED for Realizing Swap, Entangling and CNOT Quantum Gate”, which can be found in this webpage. Here is the tentative abstract of the presentation.

We consider the two cavities which are spatially separated and connected by an optical fibre. There are multi Lambda atoms in each of the cavities. The atoms are resonantly interacting to fields and there is no direct interaction between the atoms. We show that perfect swap, entangling and CNOT quantum gates can be realized between the two atoms clusters. Compared with the single atom scheme, we find that the atoms clusters scheme can increase the speed of swap, entangling and CNOT gates. The sensibility of these gates to parameters in the models with consideration is investigated. Finally we take account the effect of dissipation and show that such gates are almost feasible with the present technology.

This is the first time I attend the academic conference and do presentation in English. I wish I can do it well.



  1. 祝贺你,希望你成功,什么时候把你作的演示文稿发上来看看,再教教我们怎么做,上次看你提到了两个软件来作,那种比较好?

  2. 还有,去了之后,能不能考一些演示文稿发布来看看,我非常有兴趣,但由于各种原因,这次没能去成,谢谢

  3. 我自己的演示文稿应该没有问题,但是他人的文稿我即使能够弄到也不方便在网站上公开。那两个软件,pdfwin很正规,但是界面不如prosper漂亮美观。prosper的可定制性很强,但是我想要设计好不是很容易。