From ICQO, Hong Kong

I am writing the entrice by using the guest computer of Physics Department, CUHK during the lunch break of the conference.

Honk Kong is a beautiful city and the CUHK is very beautiful, too. The weather is perfect. Unfortunately, I can’t catch up with the lecturers’s English very well. I canot write more for time is limited. I will write an entrice including more details after returning to Xi’an.


  1. […] 论文比较长,写成预印本有22页,希望能顺利被接受。这个工作是我在导师指导下完成的第二个工作,而最初的想法是我想到的。这个工作主要是对一篇PRL的改进和推广,曾经在学术会议上做过张贴报告,拖到现在才完成并投稿,主要原因是我这个学期要写毕业论文。当然,它也不是什么了不起的工作,但证明了我能够自己寻找课题做研究。为了完成这个工作,我也是花费了不少气力的。 […]