At home at last

I arived at home yesterday at last, after almost one day and one night training. The most terrible thing in the world is going home by train in China during spring fesitavel time. My train was late for 6 hours when it arived at the station of my hometown. The reason is following numbers:

  • 3.6 million people went home by train yesterday in China.
  • Tens of hours strong snowing in Henan province yesterday.
  • Two main railways in China was out of runing because of snowing.

Luckily, my hometown is not snowing and not very cold. How fragile railways in China!



  1. Hey, my friend. May I ask a question that is not relevant to your topic? How did you change the theme of your blog to the one that you are using right now? I looked for it, but failed to find it. Is that due to that your blog has been updated to a new wordpress version?