My First Paper on quant-ph


A multi-atom and resonant interaction scheme for quantum state transfer and logical gates between two remote cavities via an optical fibre

Authors: Zhang-qi Yin and Fu-li Li

A system consisting of two single-mode cavities spatially separated and connected by an optical fibre and multi two-level atoms trapped in the cavities is considered. If the atoms resonantly and collectively interact with the local cavity fields but there is no direct interaction between the atoms, we show that an ideal quantum state transfer, and highly reliable quantum swap, entangling and controlled-Z gates can be deterministically realized between the distant cavities. We find that the operation of the state-transfer, and swap, entangling and controlled-Z gates can be greatly speeded up as number of the atoms in the cavities increases. We also notice that the effects of spontaneous emission of atoms and photon leakage out of cavity on the quantum processes can also be greatly diminished in the multi-atom case.