Spin Hall effects, teleporatation, foundation of statistical mechanics

Spin Hall effects for cold atoms in a light induced gauge potential in cond-mat/0607127, Shi-Liang Zhu et al. proposed a scheme to observe spin Hall effects with cold atoms in a light induced gauge potential. They shown that their scheme was practical and discussed the SHE in an optical lattice.
My comments: It is a very nice and simple scheme. I found it readable for me even though I know little about SHE.

Quantum teleportation between light and matter in Nature 443, 557-560 (5 October 2006), Jacob F. Sherson et al. archieved the teleportation between light and matter. The distance between transmitter and reciever is 0.5m. The fidelity of the teleportation is 0.6. This is a very important step for realizing quantum network.

Entanglement and the foundations of statistical mechanics in Nature Physics 2, 754 – 758 (2006), Sandu Popescu, Anthony J. Short and Andreas Winter argue that the foundations of the statistical mechanics is misleading. The main postulate of statistical mechanics, the equal a priori probability postulate, should be replace by a general canonical principle. They mathimatically proved the general canonical principle. Seth Lloyd wrote a views on the article in Nature Physics.