Recent interesting papers

Paring Without Superfuidity: Ther Ground State of an Imbalanced Fermi Mixture, by Ketterle’s group, report s that the mixture of Fermions system, with the majority in the same spin state, doesn’t become superfuid even at zero temperature, though the minority atoms are pairing. This discovery may enable insights to high- temperature superconductivity. More news on the article are from Science Magzine, PhysicsWeb.

Toward achieving a low energy state of a gram-scale mirror oscillator, reports that on use of a radiation pressure induced restoring force, the optical spring effect, 1 gram mirror, with 10^22 atoms, is optically cooled to a minimum temperature of 6.9 mK, which is 100 factor lower than the experiments previously reported. The authors are comfident that they can cool the gram mirror approach to ground state with the present technologies.

Quantum Correlation Without Classical Correlations?, by Dagomir Kaszlikowski, Aditi Sen (De), Ujjwal Sen, Vlatko Vedral, and Andreas Winter, shows that genuine multipartite quantum correlations can exist for states which have no genuine multipartite classical correlations, even in the macroscopic systems. This may have important implications in quantum information and phase transitions. For example, it opens up the possibility of phase transitions that are detectable by quantum correlations only.

Generating Entangled Photons from the Vacuum by Accelerated Measurements: Quantum Information Theory Meets the Unruh-Davies Effect, by Muxin Han, S. Jay Olson, Jonathan P. Dowling, shows that projective measurement by a uniformly accelerated observer can excite real pariticles from the vacuum in the inertial frame. They also show that the maximally entangled partical states in the inertial frame of reference can be created within this process.



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