Normal life started

I have been in USA for a month. I have to say in the last month, my life is not normal. It is different and excited.

Many of people say that there is a culture shock when you enter the different country. I have felt it, though not very intensive. I have to cook myself and lease a apartment once I entered USA. This is totally different life style. I need some time to suit it. Every day I get up in 9:00 am. After breakfast, I go to lab by AATA bus. Around 6:00 pm, I go back home by bus or feet. Every week, I will come to supermarket buy food and other things. Buying food once a week (or two), this is standard American life.

In the apartment, there is no desk and chair and bed. I have to buy it myself. In fact, I only get dinning desk and sofa up to now. So the life in the home is a little tough. For many days, I sleep on the mattress, open my eyes and think something or nothing. Time is killed like this.

Yesterday, internet was OK in my apartment. I feel my normal life comes back. Now the only thing I need to do is buying laptop.